Confédération Européenne de Twirling Bâton

Till the wintermeeting 2009 (in France) the CETB knows the next organization:
Depuis la reunion d’hiver 2009 (en France), la CETB connaît l’organisation suivante :

Board of Directors / Bureau:
President / Président - Jean Claude Steiner (France)
Vice president / Vice Président - Michael Connolly (ireland)
Secretary / Secrétaire - Mr Paolo Pavone (Italy)
Treasurer / Trésorier - Paul Rutten (The Netherlands)

Technical Committee / Commission Technique :
Chair / Président - Sabrina Prada (Italy)
Vice chair / Vice Président - Jean Michel Ruelle (France)
Secretary / Secrétaire -  Nancy Deelkens (Belgium)

Judges Committee:
Chair / Président- Jo-An Robertson (Scotland)
Vice chair / Vice Président - Vacancy

Composition of the 1st Instance Disciplinary Commission:
Mr Pierre Maggiori (Switzerland)
Mrs Ann Robertson (Scotland)
Mr Peppino Giamminola (Italy)
Mrs Valerie Towers (England)
France (name shall be available after elections to be held in March)

Composition of the Appeal Disciplinary Commission:
Mr Michael Connolly (Ireland)
Mrs Lilianne Comans (Belgium)
France (name shall be available after elections to be held in March)

Medical Committee / Commission Médicale:
Dr. Christian Berger Vachon

Composition of the 1st Instance Anti-Doping Commission:
Dr. Christian Berger Vachon (France)
Dr. Marijke Beumers (The Netherlands)
Mr James Geachy (England)

Composition of the Appeal Anti-Doping Commission:
Mr Paolo Pavone (Italy)
Dr Jean Patrick Rousset (France)

Composition of the Financial Commission
Mr Pueyro Ruben (Catalonia)
Mr Michael Connolly (Ireland)
Mrs Valerie Towers (England)