CETB Certified Judges are

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From Germany:
- Leona Muskat from Germany
- Larissa Werlein from Germany
- Sabrina Iron from Germany

From The Netherlands:
- Francis van den Berg (C)
- Wendy Rotteveel (C)
- Caroline Klompenhouwer
- Marion Bos
- Johnny Warnimont

From England:
- Ainsley Cobbett from England
- Zoey Flesher from England

From Belgium:
- Evy Santermans from Belgium

From Norway:
- Lene Drilsvik
- Janne Tou
From Scotland
- Jo-Ann Robertson (C)
- Clair Dobson
- Lesley Murdoch
- Kelly Adair
- Jamie Jeffrey

From France:
- Benjamin Rousset
- William Valette

From Ireland:
- Tara Marie Connolly (C)
- Dinah Black
- Auveen Lynch
- Sandra Doyle
- Grace Roe.

From Italy:
- Samantha Novello (C)
- Jennifer Catterin
- Germana Zanni

During the closing cermony in 2009 the judges received the new CETB Judges Certificate. (On the right an example of that Certificate)

Au cours de la cérémonie de clôture 2009 des juges ont reçu le nouveau CETB juges Certificate. (A droite, un exemple de ce certificat)