CETB History
Created during the General meeting of Frankfurt of November 4th, and 5th 1978, the European Confederation of Twirling Bâton replaced the F.E.I.M. who had become too constraining to develop sports discipline such as Twirling Bâton. Germany, Belgium, France, England, Italy, Luxembourg and Switzerland decided to be sportsmen and elected the following office:

President : Mr GITZ (Switzerland)
- Vice President : Mr NOBILE (Italy)
- Secretary-general: Mr GROULARD (France)
- Treasurer : Mr CHIESA (Switzerland)
- President technical committee: Melle BRILLET (France)

In addition, the C.E.T.B. provided the financial means to face the many objectives:
In addition, the C.E.T.B. provided the financial means to face the many  objectives:

- development of the statutes and rules of procedure
- development of a common method of teaching of
- standardization of the criteria of judgement
- organization of a Championship of Europe

1978 - 2002
Since this date and under the direction of several successive confederal offices, we have: - created a Cut of Europe of the Clubs as well as the   Euro Free   Style Grand Prix - organized each year in alternation a Championship of Europe and   a Cup of Clubs:

In 2002, the Presidency returns to France who registered the European Confederation of Twirling Bâton to the Sub-prefecture of BRIEY under number 49/02, Official Journal of September 7, 2002 and put in place the rules: - anti doping - discipline and the creation of the dependent commissions.

CETB Today
The European Twirling Confederation has reunited today 15 countries out of the 21 country of World Twirling Baton Federation:
England, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Scotland,   Spain, Ireland, Croatia, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Norway and Sweden.

This represents approximately : 650 clubs, 18000 licences, 300 coaches and 200 judges